Why You Should Keep a Trading Journal and How to Do It

Keeping a Trading Journal will help you form a deeper understanding of your trading process by making you more aware of your progress. By recording all of your results, you can confidently track your trading development which will bolster your knowledge and help you secure your spot as a more efficient trader in the industry. 

“By keeping track of your results, you will gain insight into yourself and your trading that no book, seminar, indicator, or system could ever tell you.” 

• Mark Minervini, author of Think and trade like a champion.

“Successful traders know that a consistent and systematic review of their daily trading activities is the direct path to growing and improving.”
• Dr. Van Tharp, author of Super Trader.

“If you do not have good records, how can you measure your performance, rate your progress, and learn from your mistakes? Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”
• Dr. Alexander, author of Trading for a Living

System Requirements: MS Office Excel on Windows OS

Rocket Sheets – Trading Journal Tutorial

In this video, you will gain deep insights into how to setup and customize your trading journal as well as how to add trade transactions and analyze your results with confidence.



Rocket Sheets features that can abolish the need for an expensive software. With no additional installation required, you can simply open the file directly on Microsoft Excel program and get started in moments.


Our spreadsheet gives you more control over your data than ever. You can duplicate the file for practice or if you have multiple brokers. You can use it offline and keep your trading data private.

Easy and Adaptable Interface

Rocket Sheet’s system has been designed with usability and convenience in mind. Simply upload your trading data and enjoy auto-generated reports at a glance.


Auto-Generated Reports

To streamline your experience even further, our system has been meticulously programmed to calculate, filter, sort, and organize your information and statistics – all you have to do is input the data, and you’re all set.

Unmatched Trading Analytics

With our analytics feature, you can immediately start measuring the overall performance of your trades. With the data collected, you can make more informed and sound judgements for future trading opportunities. It is through insights into your own results that trading confidence and enhanced awareness is built and sustained.



At Rocket Sheets, we understand that only through tracking and analyzing your past and present trades can you become a better trader now and in the future. Our goal is to streamline your trading experience through unrivalled software solutions for data collection and recording, so that you can focus on results, profit, and growth.

Figure Out Your Weaknesses, Develop Your Strengths, Adjust and Improve Your Trading Today with Rocket Sheets.

System Requirements: MS Office Excel on Windows OS

powerful features


• Gains and losses statistics
• Performance per period
• Last 100 trade performance curve
• Last 20 trade statistics
• Trade Evaluations & Setup statistics

Monthly Report

• Monthly equity curve
• Monthly performance
• Monthly win/loss statistics
• Monthly average R-multiple P&L

Trade Plan

• Preview current portfolio
• Set stop & target (exact price)
• Auto stop & target (R-Multiple)
• Forecast trade plan value
• Preview gain/loss value as R-multiple

Trade Review

• 1 click sort and filter
• Customize your setup and rules
• Customize trade execution & emotion list
• Add notes and evaluate each trade


    Sulit na sulit! (Y) 🙂 thanks sir Bryan! Perfect! Ma monitor ng maayos ang account

    Paul Sumaya Avatar Paul Sumaya
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    positive review  100% Getli. The best journal and risk management system. Good job bro 😎

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    December 13, 2020

    positive review  Highly recommended, Best trading journal worksheet to track performance to manage your trading strategies.

    Noon Thanamat Avatar Noon Thanamat
    July 22, 2020


Let the spreadsheet make its way into your trading.