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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We do not charge monthly or annual fees.

You can safely pay with PayPal or direct bank transfer (BDO or BPI online transfer) If you have any problems using these payment methods, contact us at

It will depend on each product delivery method, some products are downloadable after payment confirmation and others are to be processed and will be sent to your email within 24 hours.


Microsoft Excel for Windows on a computer or laptop.

No. Microsoft Excel has features that are not compatible with other spreadsheet programs. We strongly recommend MS Excel (2010,2013,2016).

Yes for simple excel templates, and no for premium templates that has VBA programming that will not work on the Excel version for MAC or Linux. System requirements for each product will be in the product description.

Yes. But other features may not work in 2006, We strongly recommend MS Excel (2010,2013,2016).

No. This will only work on desktop computer or laptop.


For a spreadsheet that uses VBA programming, you need to enable the macro first before using the file. Follow the instructions in the Home tab.

Contact us at to report the issue, we’ll fix it and send you an updated file.

No. Cells with formulas are protected and restricted to end-user, you can only edit cells that need data inputs. As a general rule, cell ranges that have lighter colors are editable, and darker ranges are protected. For simple excel template products, the file will be editable.

Have more questions? Send us an email at