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Welcome to Rocket Sheets affiliate program!

When you refer a friend and purchased our product through your affiliate link, we give 20% commission. We sell top quality professional Excel spreadsheets, helping customers save time, improve business processes, and impress your audience. Our prices range from $25 to $99 for a single spreadsheet.

You have 60 days for the referred customer to purchase our product in your affiliate link without clearing their browser cookies to be credited with the sale. If more than one affiliate refers the same customer, it is the last affiliate who will receive the commission. Commissions are paid every month in USD, via Paypal, once a minimum threshold of $50 has been reached.

For your convenience, you can view your earnings any time by logging into your affiliate account, which is automatically created when you sign up for the program. An email will be sent whenever you generate a new referral, so it is not necessary to constantly check your account.

We require all affiliates promoting Rocket Sheets to adhere to our terms and conditions.

We’re looking forward to work with you!