Issues and Concerns Template

Issues and Concerns Template


Our “Issues and Concerns Template” Excel spreadsheet is an essential tool that streamlines the issue and concern management process, enabling project managers to proactively address project risks and ensure successful project delivery. Categorize issues, assign severity levels, prioritize actions, and create an action plan section to guide issue resolution. The template is fully customizable to fit any project’s specific needs.


✅ Identify Issues and concerns, Assess, Analyze, Prioritize, and Create an Action Plan
✅ Clean Template and Professionally Designed, Easy-to-use, Customize as per Organization Needs
✅ Auto-calculate Impact & Urgency Score, Prioritization, and Ranking
✅ Standard Template Design as per PMBOK Guide for Project Management
✅ Flexible Settings, User Guide, and Technical Guide to Utilize the Template


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📌 System Requirements: MS Office Excel



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Are you a project manager or a project engineer looking for an efficient and user-friendly tool to manage project risks and ensure project success? Look no further than our “Issues and Concerns Template” Excel spreadsheet.

Designed with project risk management in mind, our template offers a comprehensive framework for documenting, categorizing, and prioritizing issues and concerns that may arise during the project lifecycle. With pre-defined columns for issue description, impact category, severity level, urgency, status, and action plan, the template streamlines the issue and concern management process, making it easier for project managers to identify and mitigate risks.

Prioritize with Impact and Urgency Score

The template’s impact and urgency score and ranking allows project managers to prioritize issues and concerns based on their potential impact on the project’s objectives. This helps project managers to focus on high-priority issues and concerns that require immediate attention. Additionally, the urgency scale allows project managers to quickly determine the priority of each issue or concern and take appropriate action.

The action plan section provides a roadmap for issue resolution, outlining the steps required, the responsible parties, and the timeline for resolution. This helps project managers to proactively address issues and concerns before they escalate and cause project delays or failure.

Fully Customizable to Fit the Specific Needs of Any Project

Our Template is fully customizable to fit the specific needs of any project, ensuring that project managers can tailor the template to the unique requirements of their project. With the template’s document control dashboard, project managers can easily track and monitor the progress of issues and concerns, making it easier to manage project risks and ensure project success.

In addition to our Issues and Concerns Template, we offer a wide range of other project management templates. By utilizing our suite of project management templates, project managers can ensure effective communication, streamline project workflows, and ensure project success.

Don’t let project risks derail your project success. Try our Template today and take the first step towards proactive risk management and project success.