Risk Management Spreadsheets

Risk Management Spreadsheets


The Trading Risk Management Excel Template is a powerful tool designed to help investors manage risks associated with stock trading. This spreadsheet program uses strict risk management guidelines and calculates trade size and risk/reward ratios to minimize exposure to losses. With the Trading Risk Management Excel Template, you can intelligently set expectations and make informed decisions to guide your trading towards success.

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  • Windows OS or MAC OS
  • MS Office Excel 2010 above
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  • One-time payment
  • Free update on the current version in case of errors
  • No free upgrade to a newer version
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Maximize Your Stock Trading Profits with Effective Risk Management using our Excel Template

The stock market is a high-risk, high-return investment. Trading stocks carries certain risks that must be managed to avoid wiping out your trading account. Effective risk management is essential for earning in the stock market.

Our Excel Spreadsheets enable you to control risks in several ways using strict risk management guidelines such as risk control rules to calculate trade size and risk/reward ratio. The spreadsheets calculate the number of shares to buy, ensuring you do not lose more than the risk you have planned. While it is inevitable that some trades will lose, the spreadsheets minimize your exposure to losses, guiding you to keep losses small and win big, resulting in an overall profit.

Our fully tested spreadsheet programs have helped many investors manage risk with their stock trading investments.

You can set expectations with our risk management spreadsheet intelligently by knowing your own trading results using a trading journal. This will guide you through your trading decisions.

Inspired by “Think and Trade Like A Champion” by Mark Minervini, “Super Trader” by Van K. Tharp, and “The Trading Code” by Jason Cam, our spreadsheet provide a range of features to help you control risks. With our tool, you’ll be able to calculate trade size, risk/reward ratio, expectancy, result-based assumption forecast, and more, giving you everything you need to make informed trading decisions and achieve success in the stock market. Don’t let risks hold you back – take control of your investments with our Trading Risk Management Excel Template.


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